ACTS including S Club 7 and the Saw Doctors have been offically confirmed to play the UCD Ball on the Friday, 24th April. It is expected that there will be over 4,500 tickets available to students for the annual event.

Students’ Union (SU) Entertainment Officer, Gary Redmond, said that the ball will be held outside the Student Centre, “with a few modifications to last year obviously because of the Student Centre’s recent construction work.” He explained that gates will open at 3pm, but was unable to confirm an end time for the event, stating that “we’re waiting on confirmation and approval from the gardaí.”

Mr Redmond stated that he is “now in full agreement with the university” on arrangements for the UCD Ball, adding that plans are at an “advanced stage… we’ve just had our safety plans completed over the weekend”. The Ents Officer will now meet with gardaí, fire brigade staff and the Health Service Executive (HSE) in an effort to secure “final approval” for the ball.

Referring to the success of the last year’s UCD Ball, Mr Redmond said that it was “a complete success; so much so that we couldn’t keep tickets in stock and we would like to build on from that.” He continued to state that the organisers “did a fantastic job last year”, adding that he aims to “build on the ball and make it bigger and better every year.”

Despite the success of last year’s event, the physical layout of the venue has been altered in an attempt to ensure that more studetns will be able to obtain tickets. “There’ll be a different stage and different layout this year. To increase capacity we’ve had to make the space bigger,” said Mr Redmond. “We’ll have the capacity of just over 4500 this year. The site will look very different, but it’s in the same kind of area.”

When asked about a possible increase in ticket numbers, Mr Redmond stated that he has the option to increase the number if necessary but would be subject to approval from the university, the HSE and the gardaí. Mr Redmond refused to comment further on the line up of acts confirmed, however he is confident that “we will be looking at a higher calibre of acts this year with other international acts as well.”

The UCD Ball was held last April at the end of the second semester. Original plans meant that 3,000 tickets were put on sale however, due to demand, the venue was changed to the from the Students’ Club to the Student Centre and an additional 1,500 tickets were made available to students.