Film Review: What’s Your Number?

Title: What’s Your Number?Director: Mark MylodStarring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ari Graynor Release Date: Out nowAlly Darling (Anna Faris) has slept with nineteen men. Having just been fired, and after finding out that ninety-six per cent of American women who have slept with over twenty men never find a husband, she gets in a panic. With a trusty shot of sambuca in hand, she swears off men until she finds Mr. Right and employs the services of ex-cop, neighbour and general man-whore Colin (played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans) to help her track down all her ex-boyfriends in the hope that one of them is now suitable marriage material.There aren’t a lot of positives about this film. The script is dire; every plot point is completely dull and predictable to the last. The acting is mediocre, with Faris and Evans showing very little chemistry together, and they are not helped by the lack of credibly funny lines.On a subtextual level, the film seems to respond to the post-feminist narratives of the likes of Sex and the City 2 and other equally dreadful fare, and as such, comes across as almost antiquated in both its overall message and the overdone genre the piece is trying to emulate. What might have been a clever subversion on modern sexual politics reverts to a sexually moralising abstinence narrative. The very fact that Ally has a meltdown at the prospect of staying single is a damning indictment of lazy writers playing up to stereotypes of neurotic and status-obsessed woman failing to see life beyond a glamorous wedding day.The film has a superb cast of comedic male leads (including The Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg, Community’s Joel McHale and The Office’s Martin Freeman), all of whom are criminally underused and will be sure to wipe this monstrosity from their respective résumés. Any of the aforementioned actors would be an upgrade from Chris Evans, who, despite having shown comedic chops in the past, comes across as stiff and generally detestable. This role pretty much drains the reservoir of goodwill he gained through commendable work in Captain America and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.The plot is completely contrived, a desperate framing device for a story that has been retold countless times in many romantic comedies. While there’s an audience for such mind-numbing fare, What’s Your Number? shows little to no ambition beyond getting them from A to B.In a Nutshell: Give this film a fake number and make sure it’s one digit too short as well, just in case.