Review: South Park - Series 16, Episode 14 - 'Obama Wins'

'Obama Wins' is the fourteenth and final episode of South Park's 16th season. It follows on a tradition of other election episodes from the past. One of the main reasons why South Park is still fresh and popular after so many years is its ability to keep right up to date with pop culture and politics and both are combined in this episode.The episode begins with Eric Cartman in disguise at numerous polling stations, flying from one State to the next; you’re wondering what the hell is he up to. Anyone who knows Cartman, possibly the greediest character ever invented, knows something sinister is afoot. And when Obama is announced president Cartman invites Kyle over to his house and reveals he has been stealing ballots. But why?The episode takes on the role of a political thriller with many different elements revealed. Including the Chinese, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Obama, Morgan Freeman and Hummers, the result is one of the best South Park episodes this season. If it sounds a bit confusing, it is, but don’t worry, Morgan Freeman steps in twice to reveal the plot to us in his calming voice, explaining that he gains a freckle every time he does so.We learn Cartman has spoiled the election so he can get a place in the new Star Wars films, with the help of the Chinese and Obama, he also demands there must be a character named ‘Jewbacca’ introduced. Butters is used again as the unsuspecting fool in Eric’s scheme, when the outraged Kyle confronts him he swallows an almond M&M to which he is allergic but he still gives away Cartman’s location.Mickey Mouse (who curses frequently) gets to Cartman first and tells how he wanted Romney to win the election because Romney would not let the Chinese take Star Wars away. Morgan Freeman comes to our aid again and it turns out the Chinese only want Star Wars to protect it. All the characters involved are left with a choice: Obama to remain president and the Chinese protect Star Wars, or Romney (who is the shit-quacking duck from last season) wins and Disney have Star Wars. They choose Obama.It’s true South Park is very much hit and miss, but thankfully this episode was mostly hit. It backs up the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s claims they do everything for an episode in less than six days. There’s one question to be answered at the end though, is Butters dead or alive? In a critical condition in hospital, a betrayed Cartman slips another almond M&M into his swollen mouth.