Review Póg

Aurora Andrus reviews Póg restaurant in City Centre. Póg, a small health food restaurant on Bachelors Walk, packs big punches. This place appeals to the health conscious eater and does so well. The menu ranges from raw juices and smoothies to protein pancakes, avocado toast, and a build-your-own salad bar. They offer many low calorie, healthy food options, and despite a recent price increase, their food is still relatively affordable and definitely worth it. Póg has been open since 2014, and may be one of the best quick, healthy options around.Their protein porridge is fantastic, made with coconut milk, protein powder, and a dash of cinnamon. At 4.50, you can’t go wrong. Toppings are €0.50 extra and your options are a plethora of fruits, nuts, and seeds. For an Instagram-worthy touch they garnish the dish with an edible flower.
"The food is sublime."
The protein pancakes are out of this world – for €10 you get four utterly irresistible pancakes, layered with your choice of two toppings. The avocado toast is great if you’re in the mood for something savoury. Four pieces of multi seed toast are covered in mashed avocado, parma ham, chilli flakes, and rocket making this simple dish one of the best items on the menu.Póg is one of the only place that can make a proper matcha lattés, and they do it well. The portion is generous, the flavour is great, and the beautiful latté art adds that extra touch. If you are craving a salad, there are thirteen on the menu that cater to all. In addition to all that, they do freshly baked treats that are all paleo and oh so yummy with a fresh coffee.The restaurant itself is very nice, bright, and has a good atmosphere. The staff are very friendly and the food generally arrives quickly. A word of warning about the small size: it gets crowded quite quickly. There are only a few tables inside, so you are encouraged to share tables with other people, and during their busy time they only allow tables to sit for 45 minutes. Overall the experience is great and definitely worth your while. The food is sublime. Póg boasts coffee and teas of the highest quality and ultimately it is a perfect spot for grabbing a quick, healthy bite.