Album: Nothing EP

Artist: Zomby

Grade: A-

Dubstep producer Zomby already has two albums to his credit, which differ greatly in style from one another. His first offering, Where were U in ’92 was a glorious nostalgia trip through nineties acid house, while the follow up album, Dedication, was more down-beat, ambient, and reminiscent of Burial.

Zomby’s latest EP, Nothing, functions as a bridge between these two divergent works. Nothing combines the style of ’92 with the mood of Dedication. The opening track, ‘Labyrinth’, is a triumphant return to the rave stylings of Zomby’s first album. ‘Digital Fractal’ and ‘Equinox’ bear more of a similarity to Dedication, using chiptunes to create tracks that sound like a sombre version of Crystal Castles. ‘Sens’ features some high quality drum n’ bass, while ‘It was all a dream’ has an ethereal, hypnotic style. The tracks here may be short but they leave you wanting more.

In a Nutshell: Anyone who truly loves dance music should adore this.