CD Review: Neighborhoods


Artist: Blink 182

Album: Neighborhoods


Grade: C-

They’re back, and they’ve never sounded more like themselves. The last time we heard from the holy trinity of pop-punk was their still astoundingly mature 2003 self-titled/untitled effort. Neighborhoods, the first product of their resurrection, is by no means another leap forward. Rather, it’s an enjoyable, if cautious, attempt at pleasing the fans.

There are some mild changes. Travis Barker’s hyper-fluent drumming is given a much more prominent role and Tom DeLonge’s iconic whine has been worn down to a much ear-friendlier timbre with age. Sweeping synths make the moving opener ‘Ghost on the Dance Floor’ feel like a caffeinated version of something from The Cure’s Disintegration.

But mostly, it’s the classic package; eager pop-punk (‘MH 4.18.2011’), some slow

moments (‘Love is Dangerous’) and lyrics you really need to be thirteen to truly appreciate (‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Wishing Well’). It’s obvious that even though we’ve all grown up, Blink certainly haven’t.

In a Nutshell: Take off your standards and expectations