Artist: Feist

Album: Metals

Grade: A

Metals sees Leslie Feist in impressive form. The Canadian singer-songwriter’s third solo album features many beautifully arranged songs that will have you entranced for hours on end. The follow-up to 2008’s The Reminder finds Feist branching out in a more experimental direction, but there’s still plenty of room for bluesy riffs and sweet, layered harmonies.

Songs such as ‘Caught a Long Wind’ and ‘A Commotion’ are allowed room to evolve naturally and become unrecognisable from their beginnings, just by adding an uplifting melody or an amazing guitar riff. It’s a thrilling change from the concise pop for which she is famed, but what is most appealing about this album is its honesty.

Nothing feels manufactured or stale and yet this album could (and should) easily sit alongside mainstream artists at the top of the charts.

In a Nutshell: A minor masterpiece, you’ll love this album.