Review - Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Title: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Publisher: EADeveloper: Danger ClosePlatforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PCIt was always going to be a challenge for the Medal of Honor franchise to compete against the most recent releases for the FPS heavyweights, Battlefield and Call of Duty; but the latest instalment, Warfighter, has launched the series into a league of its own with its slick and breath-taking graphics and a compelling storyline.Based on true events, the storyline follows the Tier 1 Operators, Stump and Preacher, as they pursue their mission objectives in a variety of war zones throughout the world. Warfighter boasts a truly immersive playing experience; whether it be the deafening explosion of an incoming RPG, returning fire against enemies taking pot shots at your position or losing sight of a target during a fire fight, these well-crafted details contribute to the game’s overwhelming sense of realism.Warfighter is also a thinking man’s shooter where you have to assess the given situation tactically and form a strategy rather than taking a gung-ho approach of going in all guns blazing. This, coupled with the game’s firm attention to the most minute of details, helps to immerse you in the game’s world and creates a much more believable experience.One example of this attention to detail is the system whereby you replenish your weapons’ ammo. There are no convenient ammo crates or boxes lying around on the ground. If you are running low on ammunition you can approach one of your squad and they’ll be more than happy to oblige and give you some. Even when reloading with a 30 round magazine and a bullet still left in the chamber, it will say on your HUD that you’ve 31 bullets loaded and ready to go. It’s these little but noticeable visuals that make Warfighter what it is.There is a hint of Battlefield in the game owing to the fact that they use the same engine as each other: Frostbite. However, Warfighter delivers more in terms of both graphics and realism. The core game’s attention to realism is also reflected in online play where it’s a whole different ball game to the likes of Call of Duty. Online kills in Warfighter are much more satisfying as you really have to have your wits about you and cooperate tactically with your online team mates in order to win. Overall Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a superb game with spectacular missions and mind-blowing graphics that will warrant multiple playthroughs.By Deane Connolly