Artist: Lord Huron


Album: Lonesome Dreams

Grade: B-

It’s said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, however Lord Huron’s debut LP, Lonesome Dreams, makes it all too clear that his music is heavily influenced by Fleet Foxes. It seems no attempt has been made to drown out the echoes of the more successful band’s sound. Indeed, Ben Schneider’s harmony enriched vocals would blend seamlessly with the folksy tunes of his Seattle counterparts.

Lonesome Dreams is the perfect soundtrack for the journey of a solitary wanderer. There’s a sense of being surrounded by a wide, open space throughout, as distant vocals often fade into wilderness. Wishing to create a sense of home through this album,  Schneider’s move from his native land of Michigan to LA affected him both musically and emotionally; ‘I Will Be Back One Day’ is just one of the many songs that deals with this in the form of soothing, acoustic music.

Though this is not a collection of overtly dreary, melancholic music, it’s haunted by a sense of isolation. Through moving away from the shadow of Fleet Foxes’ pastiches, Lord Huron takes to the interesting addition of brass percussion instruments, a move which adds to the exotic atmosphere that thankfully punctuates the album.

This addition of percussion can be most forcefully heard in title track, ‘Lonesome Dreams’ and ‘The Man Who Lives Forever’. If the continuing prevalence of the all too familiar twinkly folk is becoming overwhelming, this extra experimentation keeps listeners ears interested.

In a Nutshell: Sweet folksy music with a tropical twist.