Artist: The Kooks

Album: Junk of the Heart

Grade: C+

The Kooks’ third album Junk of the Heart is exactly what the title suggests; thirteen indie-pop songs concerning matters of the heart, both positive and negative. Lyrically, the album suffers at times. Songs such as ‘Rosie’ come across as lazy and repetitive, but the album is saved, to some degree, by the musicianship. The band finds a great balance between the summery acoustic sound they’re known for, and some newer touches, including synth and in some cases, even an orchestra, which makes for a far more interesting listen than you might expect. According to the band, the album was largely influenced by both LCD Soundsystem and The Beatles. The influence shows, especially in their use of harmonies and just the right amount of synth. By no stretch of the imagination is this an album to rush out and get, but if somehow it finds its way to you, it’s worth a listen.

In a Nutshell: Surprisingly listenable.