Album: Hello Sadness

Artist: Los Campesinos!

Grade: B –

Hello Sadness is a melodramatic stream-of-consciousness about break-ups and finding yourself a bit broken up in the process. This is Los Campesinos!’s fourth album and the production is at its slickest quality yet. It’s certainly an album of two parts – the second half is noticeably calmer, and far sadder than the first, emulating the phases of a break-up – the rage that is followed by regret. Songs like the cheeky ‘Songs about your girlfriend’ and ‘By your hand’ are bound to become indie floor-fillers over the next while. Overall this album appears a bit more complete than the previous releases, and also more mature. The running theme is an effective touch, but it is by no means polished. Word to the wise, this album takes a few repeated listens to sink in.

In a nutshell: A release from a potty-mouthed crew that are still riddled with teenage angst.