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Review: Girl Band – France 98

Artist: Girl Band
Album: France 98
Grade: C

Do not be deceived by the name; Girl Band are in fact just another foursome of lads bashing out some jams, though somewhat heavier than the average rock quartet and with a distortion reminiscent of some early ‘90s grunge. Their EP, France 98, which stands at 22 and a half minutes is an average enough listen, yet it certainly shows a mark of experimental distinction between themselves and so many other bands out there.

It is the sound of a band pummelling away at their instruments in a garage with apparently no regard for moderate volume. ‘You’re a Dog’ opens it all up, by knocking us down as if guitars had fists. Hoping for a slower moment, we are soon dismayed as ‘Busy At Maths’ builds up to something similar, as do the following two tracks. It is refreshingly raw if not melodious.

‘Second One’ and ‘Handswaps’ manage to bring some order, thanks to Dara Kiely’s vocals, but they still retain the dominant sound. These tracks make for the more memorable moments, though slower than their fellows but energetic in enthusiasm and fervour nonetheless.

In a sense, its lineage is heavy metal, the vocals do slowly draw it towards an indie facade but the guitar squalls screech loudly amidst a tornado of cymbals bring it smack-down to the heavy metal earth. There is much done in a short amount of time and the band certainly prove their instrumental talent, however, song-wise, melodies will be needed and a bit of production too.

In a Nutshell: Heavy rock madness. Some style but not much substance.