Review: Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here


Album: Album Title Goes Here

Artist: Deadmau5


Grade: B+

The bizarrely titled Album Title Goes Here is a hybrid creation of tracks that showcases the ability of Joel Thomas Zimmerman, the moniker of Deadmau5, to work coherently with artists outside of his familiar dance genre. His approach to electronic music over the last ten years has been to fuse his familiar electro with overdubs of different genres, and this album is the same as any other.

The album ranges from the emotional build ups of ‘Fn Pig’ to the 80’s vibe of ‘There Might Be Coffee’, with Joel’s melodies providing the backbone and sonic resonance. ‘The Veldt’, an emotive track, is bolstered by the vocal talents of Deadmau5’s Twitter discovery, Chris James.

Deadmau5 takes the hand of other artists on Album Title Goes Here, dipping his toe into different genres, such as rap with Cypress Hill in ‘Failbait’. Imogen Heap’s gorgeous voice also takes the lead role in ‘Telemiscommunications’, complimented by soft piano chords.  However, elsewhere the steady build-ups and bass-heavy drops keep this album safely rooted in his progressive and electro house roots.

Some tracks, such as ‘Take Care of the Proper Paperwork’, are a bit repetitive. While ‘Professional Griefers’ may be the proud owner of the title “ Most Expensive Electronic Music Video Ever Made”,  Gerard Way’s screaming top line over the mechanical beat is a little bit grating.

In a Nutshell: An eclectic mix of collaborations complete with some classic Deadmau5 beats.