Album: Crazy Clown Time

Artist: David Lynch

Grade: A-

When visionary filmmaker David Lynch announced plans to move into music no one was quite sure what to think. Now that we’ve finally heard the album, it’s surprising how comfortably his musical endeavour fits into his overall body of work.

After the energetic opener ‘PINKY’S DREAM’ (featuring Karen O singing the only vocals not performed by Lynch) the album drifts into the trippy, dreamlike soundscape fans of Lynch’s films have become accustomed to. There’s a steady current of melancholia throughout the album and combined with the often jarring variety of effects Lynch forces on his voice, this could have made for an unbearable experience. Yet the minimalist but consistently hypnotic use of distorted guitar notes and slow drums is entrancing enough to detract from the downer tracks like ‘MOVIN’ ON’ and makes for a hugely enjoyable listen overall. It’s safe to say the adjective ‘Lynchian’ continues to be a good thing in whatever medium it‘s used.

In a Nutshell: Utterly unique and the perfect soundtrack for walking on these cold, dark evenings.