Artist: Crappydog
Ain’t Got No Bone

“We do this because we have no choice,” proclaims Eric Vandenberge, Crappydog’s resident singer and guitarist, on the track ‘Do This’ from the band’s latest album, Ain’t Got No Bone. Yet the vibe given off from the album gives an impression of anything but constraint. The minimalistic, blues tinged sounds that kick in from the outset, present a certain loose and carefree attitude, from the relentless drums of ‘Crush’ to the droning accordion of ‘Cripple Dog’.

It’s apparent from the first listen that these guys are not virtuoso musicians, but there is a certain honesty and bluntness to their music that leaves you with a genuine and honest perception. The sound is raw and unpolished, the production is virtually non-existent, and the songs give the impression of being recorded off the cuff under a grimy tin roof, with the echoes and reverberations that only a location like that could give.

In a Nutshell
: Minimalist, and timeless rough old bluesThe gnarly and dirty sound is reminiscent of the more bluesy elements from The White Stripes and Seasick Steve’s respective albums. The desired effect is certainly achieved, giving the songs an interesting rough quality that in some ways harks back to the now archaic blues-smiths of the Mississippi Delta. This simple quality will undoubtedly restrict and inhibit their audience, yet with a name like Crappydog, they probably weren’t aiming for mainstream success anyway.