CD Review: Ceremonials

Album: CeremonialsArtist: Florence and the MachineGrade: B+Florence and the Machine have put the dog days behind them and recorded a new album, Ceremonials, released to much hype. Whereas her debut album, Lungs showed Florence Welch to be quirky and perhaps a little awkward, with this album she has found an unwavering self-assurance.Although quite similar to Lungs, the relentless levels of bass and powerful drumming ensure that its follow-up is of a darker tack, allowing her distinct sound to seem more robust. Lead single ‘Shake it Out’ and the immensely soulful standout track ‘No Light, No Light’ are uncompromisingly Florence, and they make no apologies for it. With a healthy dose of her trademark howling, fans are sure not to be disappointed.It’s unfortunate that the album never quite fully departs from Lungs, still feeling lost in the exact same melancholic place, but it is an exceptional album, regardless.In a Nutshell: Exactly what we’ve come to expect from Ms Welch and Co.