Battlefield 1: Review

Battlefield 1 is a large scale first person shooter set during World War I. The game sets out to convey not only the stories of those lost in that war, but also the technology and tactics they used, which are reflected in the game’s single player and multiplayer options.The game’s single player offering is a campaign that is short in length, but that is to be expected from a series that is far more focused on its multiplayer element. The story, while not heartfelt, does convey a message regarding the pointlessness of war. This is achieved through an interesting gameplay choice by DICE. You live out the lives of several of these soldiers in isolated “memories”, until you reach a point in that memory where you will be unable to continue due to an overwhelming increase in difficulty level, forcing you to die and move on to the next character.
Platforms: PC; PS4; Xbox OneDevelopers: DICEPublisher: EARelease date: October 21st
In the multiplayer form, Battlefield 1 offers the franchise’s most refined gameplay to date. The map selection is teeming with beautiful environments which, as you would expect, are completely destructible via the massive selection of World War I-era weapons and vehicles. In terms of how you upgrade equipment, experience earned through matchmaking will earn you ‘War Bond’ virtual currency. This comes as a welcome replacement to paywalls offering accelerated unlockables, meaning you will need to play the game as intended to unlock new, more powerful weapons.In terms of gameplay, there is not much to say in the way of controls: players of the franchise will immediately be familiar with the first-person shooter combat that is common to most games of that genre. However, fans will need to adapt to the new gameplay mechanics associated with weaponry, designed to mimic their real life counterparts.Sniper rifles are no longer one-shot kills and feature bullet drop time. Rifles also take longer to reload while automatic guns feature less ammunition. If you want to gain a significant upper hand, you’ll have to get your hands on a tank or artillery cannon which are placed randomly on the map.Battlefield 1 is a blast to play through. With a great variety of weapons, vehicles, and large scale maps/teams, aided by the game’s setting, EA truly have created the experience of a battlefield. While the story offers little in the way of length, it attempts to break convention by offering something fresh through its storytelling. Gamers will find this a welcome addition to the series.