Return of the Sluts

Jordan McMahon finds out why you can’t get enough of a good thing, or at least a good Dramsoc playLast January Dramsoc premiered Sluts, an original script written by society member Caitriona Daly. It was a huge success on campus, drawing the biggest audiences of any Dramsoc show last year, which according to Daly is “almost unheard of” when dealing with an original script. However she did concede that when “naming a play ‘Sluts’, you’re bound to get that kind of response.”The play follows four girls getting ready to go to a Dublin nightclub, and attempts to portray how young women deal with the “sexual freedom” they have today. Daly explained: “It’s just about how girls deal with being able to have as much sex as they want, and their different attitudes towards it.”However, the inspiration for the topical play has not only come from Daly’s own experiences as an Irish teen, but was also largely drawn from the rom-com classic, Pretty Woman. A speech about the film was the starting point for Daly, and the rest of the script was then written around it.“I just think the whole thing of Pretty Woman is quite ridiculous. Julia Roberts’ character is all ‘I’m in control of being a prostitute, I pick who I have sex with’ but actually that’s not it at all, it’s never that simple. If it hadn’t been played by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere… you’d have a much seedier film.”The play reached a wider audience at the Edinburgh Fringe this August, but the Sluts team were worried that taking the play to a different audience would result in it losing some of its comedic value. However, the reactions were largely positive.“The play is very much grounded in Dublin; a lot of the references are very Dublin, things like Pat Kenny and Centra. We were very nervous going over that nobody would laugh. The play relies heavily on laughs because it is so ridiculous but it was received so well.”Daly credits the Slut Marches happening at the time with helping to raise the profile of the show. “It’s been topical. We were chanting “Sluts” on the Royal Mile trying to get people in and people were chanting “Sluts” back.”Sluts will open the year for Dramsoc in UCD as their flagship show, and then Daly hopes it will continue its success in later shows in Kenmare, Listowel and Waterville, Charlie Chaplin’s Irish home in Kerry, in October. “We’re doing well, and it’s just about whatever comes up after that.” Sluts will run in the Dramsoc Theatre in the Newman Building on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September.