Return of bus service delayed


The return of late night service times of the Dublin Bus 10 route hs been delayed due to internal disputes among drivers and Dublin Bus. The company, which cancelled its evening service to UCD at the beginning of the second semester, was supposed to meet with offi cials from the university to discuss the problem however the meeting has been postponed.

Vice-President for Students, Dr Martin Butler stated that university authorities hope discussions with the company will commence in the coming weeks. “It’s in the hands of the unions in Dublin Bus,” he stated. A meeting had been set up between the university and Dublin Bus a fortnight ago, however this was deferred at short notice due to an internal Dublin Bus issue. “It has nothing to do with us and now we are just waiting”, he explained.


However Students’ Union (SU) President, Aodhán Ó Deá argued that the bus service appears to have resumed despite the fact that there has no been official annoucement from Dublin Bus. Mr Ó Deá felt that the company were slow to announce that they are resuming full service as a precautionary measure in case any similar anti-social incidents occur in the near future. “It’s hard to tell whether it is the exact same service or if all the buses are coming in,” he said. “Some bus drivers who have had bad experiences may not be coming in, it seems to be up to the individual bus drivers.”

Dr Butler acknowledged that the university must respect Dublin Bus’ decision to withdraw the evening service. Criticising the actions of the students that led to the withdrawal of the service, he stated “it is always sad when the antics of a few cause such negativity to a majority of people who want to use the bus service but you have to appreciate the position of Dublin Bus, the drivers and the unions. They have a responsibility to protect their drivers.”

Dr Butler affirmed that all students who were involved in the cancellation of the evening service have been disciplined saying that “a particular number of students who violated UCD’s alcohol policy in the area of the bus terminals have been before me and have been dealt with.”

The 10 bus route evening service has been cancelled twice during this year. The fi rst cancellation occurred during October 2008 after a bus conductor was punched in UCD while the service was cancelled for the second time following the fi rst day of the second semester when students damaged bus shelters.