Restaurant Review: Around the World in Global


Ause Abdelhaq reviews Global, a new restaurant in Dundrum that samples food from across the world.

Every new restaurant needs a gimmick, or so it seems these days. Building your own meal, like at Counter Burger or Mongolian BBQ, or even something wackier like a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant (Taste at Rustic – this is genuinely a thing) appears to be the formula for success. So how does a restaurant set itself apart in a crowded sea of hipster food joints and faux-classy diners?


For Global, the answer lies in the food itself. Instead of forcing people to choose just one cuisine, the restaurant affords its customers dining from every cuisine imaginable – the premise being that you can eat grub from anywhere in the world.  It’s an all-you-can-eat place, so you can eat more than one type of food per sitting, at a fixed price.

The best thing about Global is undoubtedly its value for money. At just €12 per person (before 7pm), the sheer volume of food which can be consumed means that you might not feel the need to eat again all day. For a college student with a busy life and not a lot of cash to throw around, that’s a godsend. However, there’s a lot more positives than just the economics.

Located in the heart of Dundrum Town Centre, the restaurant manages to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes through the doors.

The staff are lovely and the serve-yourself system is well explained and easy to pick up. Having just opened, it’s never too busy and it’s secluded enough that the hustle and bustle of shoppers outside is essentially non-existent.

Catering to vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs, the quality of the food itself varies depending on what you choose to eat. Although the restaurant claims that it covers worldwide cuisines, in reality there is a heavy focus on Asian food. The American, Italian and Indian dishes either aren’t as tasty, or as plentiful.  If you’re in the mood for it, their sushi is gorgeous, as are most of their rice and noodle dishes. Global also boasts a live teppanyaki grill, which means that the meat is always fresh and cooked for you.

Overall, Global has tapped into a really brilliant idea with their affordable all-you-can-eat menu. Their food ranges from satisfactory to delicious and, to be frank, the price means that I’ll be going back again and again. For a restaurant that’s newly opened and still finding its feet, it’s a must-visit for any college student on a budget.