WORK has begun on the construction of a number of security check-points at the entrances to campus residences. It is expected that this new system of manned security points will come into effect at the start of the second semester in all residences on the Belfield campus.

Vice-President for Students, Dr Martin Butler explained that the new residence proposal will see a single member of security stationed at an entrance barrier to residences, such as Belgrove, Merville or Roebuck. Denying that students will feel “locked in” by the placement of security team members in residences, Dr Butler stated that they “will simply monitor the comings and goings of residents”.

Unaware of the final details of the development, Arts Student Advisor, Aisling O’Grady claimed that she supports the concept of encouraging a safer campus. “The concept is all I’ve been considering, and to secure a student and ensure their safety, I think it may be no bad thing to make accommodation that little bit more secure”.

Acknowledging that some students may have reservations about a heightened security presence, Ms O’Grady commented that “I suppose initially you think ‘hmmm’ but then you think about it and you think it’s really for the security of of students”.

She illustrated the accessibility of the UCD campus, compared to that of Trinity College Dublin (TCD), adding that “with Trinity you have to go through the porter’s desk at night, UCD is not like that as it’s a completely open campus”.

UCD Residences commenced works to introduce the managed access system into each of the residence complexes a fortnight ago. A UCD spokesperson described the presence of a manned security point in each complex as “being designed to work with and to complement the current buildings access systems”.

Construction work on the residence barriers is not expected to negatively affect students who are studying for end of semester examinations. Dr Butler explained that any “disruption will be during normal working hours… I do not see any issue with the construction of these [check-points] having any negative impact on students”.

Residents are expected to begin to receive information from UCD Residences over the coming months, in order to explain how the new security systems will work.