A motion for UCDSU to make official links with the Repeal the 8th campaign in Ireland will be proposed at tonight’s Students’ Union Council meeting. The motion follows from last year’s preferendum on the Union’s stance in relation to abortion rights in Ireland and will be tabled by UCDSU Gender Equality Co-ordinator Grace Williams.

The text of the motion reads: “That in accordance with the policy passed last year and respecting the wishes of the students of UCD, that UCDSU make official links with the coalition to Repeal the 8the Amendment, to actively campaign for a woman’s right to choose,which cannot legally or constitutionally be recognised until Article 40.3.3 is removed from the Irish constitution and it shall be the responsibility of the President, the Welfare & Equality Officer and the Gender Equality Co-Ordinator primarily to do so.”

Additional motions to be discussed tonight include an extension of UCDSU’s pro-marriage equality stance and the creation of a list of all halal, kosher and vegan food and drink available in all SU campus shops. Tonight’s council meeting will be held in the Fitzgerald Chamber in the Student Centre at 6pm.