Release of academic transcripts delayed amid backlog

Alumni and students in UCD have recently experienced a delay in receiving their grade transcripts for postgraduate applications due to what appears to be a backlog in requests at the UCD registry.

A final-year student who wishes to remain anonymous told The University Observer that when they phoned to obtain their transcripts in early December were informed that it would be January at the earliest before their application would be processed.

However, when they made further inquiries at the beginning of January, they were instructed to download a form that they would not be processed for at least three weeks.

The student said: “This delay in the issuing of transcripts could have serious implications for my Masters application and I think the university could have been more prepared for it as it is well known that these transcripts are necessary for postgraduate courses.”

Students who post on the popular internet forum site,, appear to have encountered the same problem back in June. One student posted that the Student Desk said the process “would take 14 days, but that was over 3 weeks ago, so I presume there is a delay”.

The final-year student insists “no communication was provided to final years as to how to obtain these transcripts – I just took a chance on the Student Desk and I was lucky”. Due to this lack of communication, students were unaware that transcripts could be obtained directly from the Services Desk, despite the possibility of waiting over an hour in the queue.

There was widespread frustration as a result of these delays. According to one student: “It is all that is left to be submitted for my Masters applications for a course I desperately want in another university.”

A UCD spokesperson stated: “Due to the volume of requests for transcripts, UCD Registry asks applicants to allow at least 14 working days for their request to be processed. The time taken to process an application is dependent on the number of requests pending at any one time.”