Rejoin USI Referendum Postponed

It was announced today that the Rejoin USI referendum being proposed by former UCD Students' Union President, Míchéal Gallagher, is being pushed back until sometime before the 2016 General Election.The Rejoin USI group issued a statement today stating that there would be a “change in tactics” and that they would “no longer be pushing for a referendum coinciding with UCDSU’s upcoming policy referendum (on Marriage Equality) and constitutional reform referendum.” The group is instead planning on holding its referendum before the 2016 General Election, allowing it to coincide with either the March UCDSU executive elections or the September class representatives elections.Feargal Hynes, President of UCDSU, has said that he is “happy to work with… anyone who is pro-USI in setting out a number of reforms that would be in the interest of UCD students if they were to have a potential referendum in the future.”Chris Lee, a postgraduate student who was at the forefront of the ‘Say No to USI’ movement during the academic year 2012/2013, said that the original movement was lead because he felt “frustrated by the inefficiencies of the organisation.”