Referendum on UCDSU Abortion Stance to be held in week 8

Following the petition submitted last week by the group UCD Students For Fair Representation, the date for a referendum on UCDSU’s stance on abortion has been set. The vote is due to be held in Week 8 of the academic term, on 2nd and 3rd of November. For some schools, this is also a reading week.The wording of the referendum reads: “That UCD Students’ Union should adopt a neutral stance on the abortion issue.”The petition arose following a campaign by the Students’ Union to repeal the 8th amendment. The position taken by the union was a result of a referendum on their stance in 2013. A mandate, stating that the union should campaign on a pro-choice position, was then passed by the Union Council in January 2014. This mandate will expire in October 2017.In order for the referendum to be passed, the number of votes cast has to reach quorum or at least 10% of students vote.