Referendum on SU university fees stance to be held in week 7

A referendum will be held to determine the stance of UCD Students’ Union’s stance on higher education fees. The referendum will be held over two days on the 7th and 8th of March in week 7 of term.The referendum will give UCD students the choice between three different options for UCDSU to adopt as their stance. The options are as follows: Current Fees; Income-Based Loan System or; Significantly Lower Fees.By voting for Current Fees, the SU will adopt the stance that it is happy with the current situation of “free fees” with a €3000 student contribution charge. Voting for Income-Based Loan System will mean the SU will campaign for a change from current fee situation and to be replaced with a loan scheme, the amount payable to be based on family’s income. Voting for Significantly Lower Fees will mean the SU will campaign for “free fees” with a reduced student contribution charge.It was previously believed that the UCDSU referendum on fee stance would ask voters to choose between just two option; a free fee stance or a student loan scheme.Currently, UCDSU has no position on higher education fees.