Redecorating House Music

It’s all gone Laurent Garnier, as Killian Woods talks to the French techno artist about his new album, book and film.THE CONCEPT of a DJ leading a band as a composer is a common idea embraced by musicians in modern Europe. Bands such as Messiah J and the Expert have experimented with this idea and enjoyed relative success.Though right now, it is tough to find another DJ who is bringing such a fresh new outlook to the art of house and techno music.Renowned as one of the best techno DJs in all of Europe, Laurent Garnier has gone from strength to strength since he first started performing in the late 1980s. After first hearing techno while he was living in Manchester, Laurent fell in love with the music that was about to shape his future and become his career.Like most DJs, Garnier places a lot of emphasis on his live shows. Performing with a four-piece band, his traditional approach sees him use only decks as he refuses to use laptops. Speaking to Otwo, he said his “idea of a live show is not being on my own behind my computer looking like I’m sending e-mails”.Calling this approach to performing “extremely boring”, it is easy to see why the DJ is often spoken of highly for the excitement and variety in his shows. It is a common occurrence that each show on his tours is completely different to the last.Garnier’s last studio album, 2005’s The Cloud Making Machine, was considered a dark, deep and emotional album. His new album, Tales of a Kleptomaniac, takes Garnier “back to the roots he has always liked,” expressing his music through a dark medium.Talking of this album, Garnier explains how Tales of a Kleptomaniac “is black within the music but not in the mood”. This album takes him back to the “dance-floor” music he enjoyed before he discovered house and techno.Yet looking past his music, there is much more to Laurent Garnier. In the year 2004, he released his book – Electrochoc. “The book part documents what happened between the years 1987 and 2003, while also telling the truths of what went on in the dance, house and techno music industries during that time.” It has sold over 15,000 copies in France alone and has been translated into several different languages including German, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.Laurent Garnier always likes to keep himself busy and is continuously working on many projects whether it is solo work, tours or collaborations with other artists. Yet he is looking even further with his upcoming project.Electrochoc is currently being converted into a movie: “It is in the scriptwriting stage and we are very close to signing with a great English scriptwriter”. However, with no date yet for production, it looks like the story will grace shelves before it graces our screens.Nonetheless, despite working on an abundance of projects all at once, it doesn’t look like Monsieur Garnier is running out of steam. He still plays many intense shows which see him play all night without support acts. Expect to hear much more of this man in the future, as he strives to be not just the best techno artist of his era, but the greatest of all time.Tales of a Kleptomaniac is released on 11th May