Red Carpet Revolution

Shane Cullen reviews the designers and dresses at this year's awards season.Awards season has returned for another year in all its glamour and glittery gowns. This year people are paying more attention to the red carpet than ever before, with the ongoing Time’s Up and #MeToo campaigns seeing women speaking out against sexual misconduct in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Black dresses were the main feature of the Golden Globes, whilst recognition of the movement was incorporated in subtle ways at the Oscars.Earlier this month the 90th Annual Academy Awards red carpet grabbed media attention as the stars stepped out in style. Amongst the talking points was Saoirse Ronan, wearing a blush pink strapless gown with a trail detail, which was designed and created by Calvin Klein. Ronan, who was nominated in the Best Actress category for Ladybird, has become a recognisable face in Hollywood and has grown confidence in her fashion choices. Ten years on from her first Oscars red carpet appearance, Ronan is now the person that big name designers want to work with.From her recent career milestone of becoming an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Emma Stone opted to wear a two-tone two-piece suit, complete with a bow belt. While it may sound like a casual outfit choice on paper, the execution made by Stone was far from a dull affair as she accessorised the look with sparkly earrings and smoky eye makeup. Social media reaction to Stone’s choice was very welcoming, with the general consensus concluding that it was a refreshing change.
Ten years on from her first Oscars red carpet appearance, Ronan is now the person that big name designers want to work with.
Other stars who shone on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars included Timothée Chamalet and Daniel Kaluuya. Chamalet, a breakthrough actor known for his role in Call Me By Your Name, wore a fitted off-white suit, with a white bowtie and black Chelsea boots. Kaluuya, who starred in Get Out and Black Panther, donned a camel velvet jacket to accompany his smart tux look, accessorising the outfit with a black and rose gold watch.This year’s awards season has made a conscious effort to have the work of female designers’ featured on the red carpet. In an interview, celebrity stylist Erica Cloud discussed her decision to dress most of her clients in female designers only, adding that it was a “tribute” to the Time’s Up movement. Cloud, whose fanbase includes film director Patty Jenkins, said that her clients were happy to co-operate as the fashion industry had been a “male-dominated” world.