Rebecca Hart was Unaware of Access & Lifelong Learning's "Endorsement"

Earlier today the Access & Lifelong Learning centre sent an email to its students to express their delight at Rebecca Hart running for SU President.Following this email, Hart's campaign team were suspended from campaigning between the hours of 12pm and 3pm today.Speaking to the University Observer Hart has said "I was unaware of their intention to publicly endorse me until I received a message from the returning officer."The Access & Lifelong Learning centre have said it was not their intention to appear as though they were "endorsing a particular candidate or attempting to sway your vote. Access & Lifelong Learning will not be endorsing any candidate and we would encourage students to inform themselves by researching both candidates and their manifestos.”The University Observer were told that the original email had been sent as the centre are “thrilled” that a student from the access centre has put themselves forward for the position of UCDSU president.Voting in the presidential by-elections takes place today and tomorrow, November 22nd and 23rd. Update: Correspondence seen by the University Observer has revealed that it was the Access & Lifelong Learning centre's decision to send the original email, not Hart's, but also that they reached out to Hart prior to sending the email to ensure that she was happy to be identified as an Access student.