The format for ‘Raise a Grand’ (RAG) week has been changed from its traditional five-day format to a one-day event.

The transition from a week-long to a single day event is, according to Students’ Union Ents Officer Stephen Darcy, due to his belief that he could not justify spending unnecessary money on a week of planned events when it could be used for charitable causes. In addition, there is a growing number of university RAG weeks that have shifted in format to ensure that the main ethos highlighted is the charitable effort made by students.

The plan and format of the day is currently in its provisional stages, but is set to follow an hourly schedule of events. “It’s going to take place provisionally on Monday, March 19th, so it’s the day we come back after our two-week midterm. Basically it’s going to be a ‘Black Monday-esque’ event in the bar, beginning at maybe midday, and finishing at about half eleven. The idea is just to change acts every hour, so for the first hour we might have a ceili, for the second hour we might have a foam party etc.

“I’m going to try and work with the Sports Officer and we’re going to try get some sports events organised on the day, so it’s going to be campus-wide. It’s not going to just be in the bar as I think it’s going to be important to not be seen as a drinking day, and that’s going to encourage a lot more people to get involved, because not everyone wants to go on a piss-up [sic] at midday”.

A wristband system is set to cover admittance for the day, “we’re going to sell about 1,000 wristbands, and it’s going to be about a fiver a pop, which will entitle you to come in and out of the bar all day as you see fit, and there will be bucket collections at the door and bucket collections inside, and there will be options inside that will be all charity-based events.”

All charitable donations made this year will go through, “every person who gets involved gets to choose their charity, and this is done through a UCDSU feeder system on so everyone can pick, so loads of different charities benefit.”

The UCD Mystery Tour is set to take place two days after RAG day.