Dublin based alternative rock band, the North Sea’s frontman, Eoin Kenny, talks to Sean Hayes about their upcoming release

It’s a very exciting time for both a band and early fans as they approach the release of a debut record. The North Sea, a five piece alternative rock band, release the first single, “In Love”, from their forthcoming debut album this Friday, 26th September. Speaking about the upcoming release, frontman Eoin Kenny revealed his enthusiasm for the record. “We just can’t wait for people to hear the songs. When you’ve written these songs a long time ago and you’ve recorded them, you’re used to the songs but they get a new lease of life when people listen to them and you hear people’s reactions to the songs.”

The North Sea’s unique sound comes from a variety of influences. Growing up in Baldoyle, Dublin, Kenny reveals that they “were all Smiths and Echo & the Bunnymen heads.” Kenny also credits Nick Cave as having a clear impact on his vocals. Fantasising about a future collaboration with the Australian legend, Kenny thinks, “that’d be a bit of a daunting task. That’d be a bit scary. I’d probably bottle it if that was the case.”

The variety of influences on the members is also evident in the sound of their upcoming record. “There’s a lot of different styles going on in the album. The first single, “In Love”, is a good taster of what the album’s going to be like. The next single is different. It’s a slower, low-tempo kind of song and brings a different feel to the album. There’s loads of different things going on, different styles and tempos, but it all does work together under the one big umbrella of our sound.”

Essentially, though, Kenny has a rather simplistic approach to the band’s sound. “We’re just five lads in a band, myself, drummer, two guitarists and bass. It’s all different guitar pieces going on, they play very intricate stuff and then my vocals over it. it’s melodic, alternative rock, really.”

Ahead of their upcoming release, the band are playing a number of spots around Dublin, followed by a short Irish tour, taking in Galway, Limerick and Belfast. “We’ve loads of stuff planned for this week. We’re properly launching the single in Tower Records this Thursday 25th at 6.30pm. We’re playing a gig upstairs in the cafe and that’s where the vinyl will be on sale for the first time.” The band will follow this set by a launch gig on Friday, 26th at the BelloBar.

Speking about the future of the band, Kenny is looking forward to getting out, playing across Ireland and delivering his music to eager new fans. “When we get the album out next summer, we just want to go around and play loads of dates around Ireland, play loads of festivals and just get our songs out there.

The North Sea release their single, “In Love”, this Friday, 26th September at BelloBar.