Radar: TabloidTv

Corey Fischer chats with the five students who make up TabloidTv about fan reactions and radio airplay in France.Channeling the famous sounds of The Smiths and The Strokes with their own smooth, catchy songs, Dublin-based indie band TabloidTv have been making a name for themselves. This is especially important in a genre where recognition means everything, and they’ve been doing it in their own unique way.The group features three of UCD’s own homegrown musicians: Ian Rankin on rhythm guitar, Ultan Murray on drums, and his younger sister Moninne taking on bass guitar and vocals. Lead vocalist Mark Young and lead guitarist Senan Dobey round out the band.Originally a group for friends to just hang out and jam, TabloidTv has picked up steam in the past year and played gigs at The Workman’s Club, Opium Rooms, the Grand Social, the Ballinamore Fringe Festival, and even a slot at Whelan’s.The group also won recording time in a studio contest and have been able to write and record their debut EP, Mixed Messages. Not only has a track from the EP, ‘Let’s Dance’, received airtime here in Ireland, but it was also featured by a radio station in France. This international profile has, of course, only served to increase the band’s popularity.In spite of this, being a true indie band has made this process a difficult one. “Straight off the bat things were harder for us. We actually had to figure out how to get our songs out there, and we called local DJs we thought would be more likely to feature up-and-coming bands,” Ultan Murray explains. “Some liked our music and played it, others didn’t. But the French station? We’re not too sure how that happened, they kind of just picked us up one day.”With multiple gigs in well-known venues across the area under their belts, the group has had their fair share of fan experiences and couldn’t be happier with the public response to their music. Moninne Murray says that “people always come up to me after gigs and contact us on social media and love to hear about the band, no matter where we’re playing.”With no manager and no label at the moment, the quintet are very much on their own but not at all deterred by the challenges they face. “It’s a lot of work but we’re getting by, playing gigs, writing new music, all of it.” says Ultan. “We’ve been looking at all our options when it comes to managers, and hopefully when we get one we’ll be able to do more than we’ve already done.”With even their writing style being something that, according to the band, “just usually happens on its own and comes together,” the story of TabloidTv so far seems to be just that: something that’s coming together and constantly growing. Right now their plan seems to be just to see what happens and maybe try and expand their profile through bigger festivals such as KnockanStockan or Electric Picnic. Be sure to keep an eye on this emerging talent as they chart their own path in the Dublin scene.You can check out TabloidTv’s music on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.