UCD alumnus Meabh Carron and her sister Mella sit down with OTwo to talk about new music, sisterhood, and their growth as artists.

Carron, an indie, country, folk and pop-inspired band, have been making waves in Dublin’s independent music scene. The band have been expanding and experimenting over the last year, picking up new musicians along with new sounds, and are now six members strong. Meabh and Mella have plenty of praise for the core members of the group: Darragh, their guitarist, and Denis Kilty, their producer and dear friend. Meabh has been best friends with Denis since their days at UCD together, and he’s “been able to put up with a lot” in working with the band.

“The first song we wrote was about our brother, when he [emigrated] to Australia, which was really hard for us,” Mella says, “I just burst out crying.” Though it was difficult then, she remembers that day fondly. Denis took notes furiously and encouraged her to “cry more!” to ensure the emotion would be captured. “It was like therapy, it was so intense,” she laughs. Meabh recalls that she had always been shocked that artists could bear their souls on record, but now she finds the process relaxing and enjoyable.

The duo hope to dig deeper into their personal experiences on an upcoming EP. “Lyrically,” Meabh notes, “it’s more focused… on our relationship.” Their bond as sisters is critical to the band’s success. Ever since childhood they’ve been performing together: in musicals, in recitals and at weddings. “Whenever I’d play Annie she’d play Molly,” Meabh explains. “We’ve always been able to support each other performing live.” Each sister can instinctively tell when the other is nervous, and one is more than willing to take the reins if the other is scared stiff.

“Sometimes I’ll be so nervous for absolutely no reason,” Meabh says. “Sometimes performing in front of five people can be harder than five hundred.” The sisters keep each other grounded and feeling natural. They’re able to have fun while recording since being in the studio feels like being with good friends. “It has to be a good vibe all the time,” says Mella.

To Carron, fun means flexibility. The band doesn’t see themselves as limited by the “folk-pop” label that’s been affixed to them by the music press: “I don’t even know if that’s a thing,” Mella laughs. Her “shameless” love of groups like The Cranberries and The Corrs alongside Meabh’s indie-pop obsession mesh with their classical training to allow experimentation. Meabh adds that “writing in a new genre” is what interests her. “You can do whatever you want!”

Carron hope to grow and to “make some sort of mark here in Dublin,” and then to “spread our wings… with a little tour around the East Coast of Ireland around the time our EP [drops],” Meabh hopes. The sisters are sure to emphasize that, however far Carron may go, they’re going to get there together. “We’re really lucky that we’re all this close.”

The launch of Carron’s upcoming EP will take place in The Grand Social on 13th April.