Quotes of the Fortnight: November 4th, 2008


“He’s never bloody done anything in his life as far as football was concerned. I don’t want to know the bugger!”
Former Ireland Football Manager, Jack Charlton sounds off against a certain RTÉ sport pundit.

“The service here is well known, there’s a word of mouth which is going among the students, a friend told me so.”
Students’ Union (SU) Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton on conducting detailed market research about his new deal for the sale of condoms from the SU.


“It’s to upgrade the look of the restaurant, modernise it and make it more in tune with student needs.”
The Commercial Manager for UCD, Gary Moss, explains the need for a Zen garden in the surrounds of the UCD restaurant.

“They feel like they’re not able to at the moment – they feel that they need it to deal with stress.”
Director of the Student Health Service, Dr Sandra Tighe, explains students’ difficulty with quitting smoking in the run up to exams.