Quotes of the Fortnight: March 2nd, 2009

“In future, now we know to bring our buckets, blankets and food as well.”Students’ Union President Aodhán Ó Deá discusses the perrils of a sit-in protest with out toilet facilities.“The appearance of a book half answers those questions [of doubt]. When you cross the line from unpublished to having your name on a book…that verifies something.”Poet Seamus Heaney recounts his first flushes of fame and notoriety.“In these difficult economic times, there are no soft choices available in the prioritisation of public funding.”Minister for Education and Science Batt O’Keeffe justifies his proposal for the introduction of third-level education fees."For the [students] who are not quite so gifted, I would worry that maybe our facilities for them may be being wittled away"Assistant-Professor Dr Gerard Casey notes the risks of a dropping academic standards in UCD.