Quotes of the Fortnight

“It doesn’t surprise me to hear that they are seen as easy to obtain, or that they are seen as easy to obtain in college”. Director of the Crosscare Drug and Alcohol Programme Chris Murphy comments on the fi ndings of a survey undertaken by The University Observer.“All the answers seemed to be based on semantics... the answers looked the same and seemed to be based on different wording of the same thing”.A student expresses their dissatisfaction with a fl awed midterm exam.“It is serious issue that the fi re alarm in the kitchen didn’t go off. It is of paramount importance that all fi re safety equipment on campus is operational”. Students’ Union (SU) President Aodhán Ó Deá voices his concern over campus fi re safely in light of the Belgrove fi re.“You have to look after the sick people; you can’t ethically or in conscience put prescribing the pill over sick students”. Director of the Student Health Service , Dr Sandra Tighe speaks about the closure of the contraceptive clinic.