Quorum "exceeded by considerable margin" in abortion referendum

Students voting on Thursday. Photo Credit: Martin Healy[br]Quorum has been reached in the abortion referendum this afternoon. Voting took place over the last two days around campus.UCDSU returning officer, Hugh O'Connor, confirmed this stating "We don't have official numbers yet, but it is safe to say that quorum will be exceeded by a considerable margin."In order for the result of the referendum to be passed 10% of the student population or 2,352 students must vote. In the case of a “Yes” vote this now means that UCDSU must adopt a neutral stance on the issue of abortion. If the count returns a “No” result, UCDSU will continue it’s current stance to campaign to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution as part of a wider mandate to campaign for abortion in all circumstances.In the previous weeks there has been some criticism of the decision to hold the referendum in week 8, which is a reading week for some students. This includes many Arts students, which is the biggest single faculty on campus.Counting will take place tomorrow in the Quad in the old student centre from 9.30am with a final result expected mid-afternoon. To stay updated on the results as they are released click here.