Queen Elizabeth dies aged 96

Image Credit: Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has died, aged 96, at her Balmoral Residence. She is survived by her children, King Charles III of England, The Royal Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is now next in line to the throne.

Buckingham Palace announced the death of her Majesty shortly after half past six, following hours of curiosity and worry from the public at the news that her family were cancelling all appointments and travelling to her side in Balmoral. This was accompanied by news that the Queen was in ill health, but that she was resting and comfortable. Reports state that her health has been poor for some time, with periodic bouts of wellness within which she was fulfilling light duties, such as her meeting with the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, earlier this week.

Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne on the 6th of February 1952, following the death of her father, King George VI. She served 70 years as Monarch prior to her passing, recently celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Commentary today centred on her work in promoting peace and goodwill across the commonwealth, particularly her involvement in and promotion of the Commonwealth Games, as well as her overseeing of the dissolution of Britain’s empire over seven decades of rule.

She will be remembered as Britain’s longest serving Monarch, and one who saw a great deal of change within the United Kingdom during her time on the throne. She passed at her favoured summer estate, resting comfortably and surrounded by family.