With the onset of new silhouettes, Kieran Murphy revisits the fashion of various decades and examines its relevance in today’s culture

Ladies rejoice. Fashion is allowing you to breathe again. For the past few seasons, the likes of body-con dresses, skinny jeans and jeggings have flooded the market, showing off every imperfection that you don’t even have to the world. Thankfully, the fashion world have come to their senses and introduced new silhouettes into our lives.

Body-con dresses are no longer in. Instead, draped dresses and shift dresses have been seen on the high street in recent months, replacing the vulgarity of body-cons with a feeling of femininity. Draping opposed to sucking everything in allows any shape or size to look well for a night out, and with the level of sophistication it offers, you wouldn’t feel bad about wearing it to a wedding or mass either.

Winter coats are notorious for ruining figures. Even Heidi Klum can become a big black square by donning a thick black coat to survive the winter months and don’t even get me started on anyone wearing a North Face jacket. This season, capes have given winter coats a bit of personality and drama.

The caped coat, pictured, brings a level of sophistication to one’s daily college commute. However, the cape is also subtle enough, so you don’t begin to channel André Leon Talley. When choosing a winter coat, choosing something that is different and has a bit of style to it is a must, such as the new military items that have been introduced this season.

Skinny jeans have been in our lives since secondary school and recently have become so tight that they have turned into jeggings.

Now we can take a step back to the sixties with bell-bottom jeans. The trend has been updated since the time of Daphne and Celeste or Abba and we no longer have butterflies adorning the bottom of our jeans. Instead, we still have an element of skinny jeans slowly down to the knee, and then a cool and classy kick out. High heels are essential with this look if you don’t want to be swamped under walking in the rain.

Fashion is ever changing, but we can be certain that these new silhouettes will be staples for years to come. With our mothers and fathers wearing flares in the sixties, and our grandmothers wearing capes in the twenties, we can be certain that these items are something to hold onto for years to come.

Stylist: Kieran Murphy

Photography: Caoimhe McDonnell

Models: Maria Madden

Tasneem Madani

Shoes: Models’ own

1. Draped Dress – €45

2. Flared Jeans – €35

Military Coat – €45

3. Cape Coat – €65

Pleated Coat – €70

Shift Dress – €45

4. Red Shift Dress – €45

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