Provisional results to be released early

PROVISIONAL examination results are to be released shortly after the end of Semester two examinations, as part of a revised grade approvals process. An email advising students of the release of provisional results was sent out by the Director of Assessment recently, and another email is due to be sent containing details of “examination arrangements [and] examination regulations”.According to a university spokesperson, the provisional results will be available on the Student Information System (SIS) in early June while the final semester two results will be released on the 18th June 2009.The grade approvals process takes place between the end of the examinations up until to the release of results to students. According to the spokesperson, a working group set up in 2008 reviewed the “current process for the recording and approval of grades”, and have recommended “a number of enhancements to this process in order to streamline the support systems and to ensure the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process”.The university decided to alter the release of the results in an attempt “allow students to get a picture of their performance at the earliest opportunity”.Results are called ‘provisional’ until ratified at the Programme Examination Board meeting. Provisional results will have been reviewed and verified by the School, but are still subject to formal approval at the Programme Examination Board meeting.The spokesperson described this revised grade approvals process as being “particularly beneficial for students after semester one, by allowing any registration- related issues arising from results to be sorted out at the beginning of semester two... At present these registrationrelated issues are ameliorated a number of weeks into Semester two”.Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer Paul Lynam said that the issue of the provisional release of results hadn’t been raised with him as of yet, and expressed uncertainty as to what the issue of ‘provisional results’ would mean to students.This scheme of early release of provisional examination results was approved by UCD authorities in December of last year.