Provisional exam results available from today

THE first semester provisional results were released this morning. You can find your module grades by logging onto your SISWeb Account.These results are only provisional. This gives students the opportunity to query any result they feel has been unfairly or incorrectly marked.If a grade is missing for one of your modules you should contact the relevant school or module coordinator as soon as possible to get it sorted out.If the results didn’t go the way you wanted and you need help, you can contact your college officer, your student adviser or the SU education officer for advice. If you would like to appeal a module grade, visit the UCD Assessment Appeals Webpage here. There are different procedures depending on your reason for seeking an appeal.If you have failed a module, don’t panic. Contact someone and ask for advice. If you don’t want to appeal the failed module grade, then you will need to register to resit/repeat the module, visit the repeats/resits webpage for more information.The final results and final GPA for the first semester will be available by 2pm on Thursday on the 16th of February (week 4).The results are final when they have been ratified by the Programme Examination Board. Your final results will include a calculation of your stage GPA and, where applicable, award GPA (the GPA you are awarded for all of your studies) and award classification (whether you got a first, 2.1, pass etc.)The provisional results for Semester 2 will be available by 2pm on Friday the 9th of June until 5pm on Monday the 12th of June.Exam results information can be found here.