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It should be the one called ‘Grey’, coz it’s so boring. Kimberely Foy muses over the snoozefest that was Private Practice.With yawn inducing story line and a distinct lack of the ‘sauce’ that has made Grey’s Anatomy such a phenominon, spin-off Private Practice was destined never to live up to the hype.While not completely unsuccessful this side of the pond, those mythical TV executives in the very fickle old U.S. of A., have pulled the plug on Addison Montgomery’s L.A. adventure once and for all.Kate Walsh’s character had, of course, only recently made a guest appearance on Grey’s in order to say her goodbyes and declare her life in Seattle well and truly over.Now, how very starange it all be will be for the departed Ms Montgomery to make an incredible return to the hospital-turned-brothel that is Seattle Grace.As one of Grey’s Anatomy most likeable former cast members, it’s understandable to wonder what exactly went wrong for Kate Walsh and Private Practice. It was her vehicle to true notariety outside Grey’s Anatomy.The answer though is probably a combination of two things. The expectations often placed on a spin-off are always stellar.
Gone was the gloss of Grey’s, the surreal atmosphere of sex and sizzle
No matter how worthy, if it doesn’t enjoy the success of its parent show, it’s off to the chopping block.Crucially, Addison Montgomery’s new life in the City of Angels, while compelling, just didn’t have the X factor so evident in Grey’s Anatomy.Walsh’s fellow cast were, from the start, a bland bunch. No McSteamy’s or McDreamy’s in this line up, thank you very much.No bittersweet, addictive romances to reel us in and keep us gripped, and most worryingly, even less comedy relief on offer.Worse still Private Practice, what with being private, was never a place of carnage or emergency room drama.A pretty poor follow-up when compared with its hit precursor Grey’s Anantomy.The final nail in Private Practice’s coffin however was surely the overall dullness that pervaded the show.Gone was the gloss of Grey’s, the surreal atmosphere of sex and sizzle, that has made it one of the most gripping series on the box. Gone were the loose morals, here to stay were poor ratings.Unfortunatey for Kate Walsh and Addison Montgomery, Private Practice was a comparative bore.For the residents of Grey’s Anatomy though, the return of Addison Montgomery is bound to ruffle a few feathers and we are more than happy to watch!