Poetry: Goodnight Fair Lady

“Goodnight fair lady”,

Those words I said to you,

As the page closed on

Our chapter, which began

In the early morning dew,

What have we become but

Simply curiosities passing in the bright,

Oh my darling the stars never blazed

Like when I found you that fateful night.

When you left the cold came,

And tore me limb from limb,

Yet when we meet again someday,

It’ll be with a smile and a chin chin.

When the sun rises in the west

We will be lovers once more,

As for all the rest, it belongs

To a more historical lore,

On that fateful sunset

When love and hate collided,

Part of me was vanquished

The place where you resided.

Did the ancients have this problem,

Of loves awful greatness?

Did King David brood on his throne

Broken and Elated?

Now I have seen the future

And see a mighty journey,

And see the passions still to be pledged

To the oceans and the sky,

To the birds in their trees,

To the sharks in their seas,

And the pilgrim on their knees,

Waiting for a miracle.

All shall be seen and all

Shall be conquered,

Yet now and then I’ll

Look back and remember you

Fondly, as more than a curiosity

Simply as a friend.

Then you’ll look back to me,

And say with the simplest of beauty,

“Thank you good sir”.