Poetry Corner: Issue II

Issue II of Poetry Corner.

The Choice

By Jessica Viola

It said in the news that he used too,

And I can’t help myself from thinking of you.

Because you’re not the person I thought you would be,

But believe me, I know what it’s like to feel lonely.

So, you find a companion at the bottom of a bud,

And you inhale the smoke and you call it love.

Or you drink away the pain in the hopes it will go,

Because when you’re sober you remember how it feels to be this low.

So, you’ve got to stay high to forget you’ve been down,

And with being so lost, it’s not easy to be found.

You chose this life and now it consumes you,

But that doesn’t mean that it has to.

Choose to heal, to laugh, to cry.

Choose for love to be there by your side.

Choose to hurt, to sulk and feel sorrow.

Choose to live now, so you can be there tomorrow.

Between Midnight and Sunrise


You exist in the same breath of life, 

In the same infinity of stars. 

You are an endless drifter, wrapped in thoughts, 

They are an endless wander, waiting for reality to become enough. 

The leaves whisper nightmares to them,

And love poems to you.

You exist in the same stretch of possibilities, 

That surfaces in the moments between midnight and sunrise. 

You are an experience, 

And they are a moment. 

You pass each other by, 

Knuckles brushing, heads bowed

Wind slicing through your skin.

Something inside of you, 

With withered wings and a tired scream 



Turn around.