Poetry: C&J

And out of all of the stars that were to collide

It was yours that caught mine

Your clean sun-trail interjected my lane

Nothing again would be the same

Your orange bright head and my blue body

Lying above a frozen lake

Is the exact place and time

That we are meant to be

But then the sun came and we melted

And I couldn’t forget the heat that we felt

That we shared and that we lost

But you wanted to forget, so I did too

I wanted to rewrite our story

But you’re not the main character anymore

Another actor is playing me in your movie

All the stars shift but they don’t fit

Running through the fields and roads of my old life

Watching you fade away as the stars started to come back

But I forgot that I had to remember

And I remembered that I couldn’t forget

I had to hide you behind the darkness

But your light kept shining through

And then you told me where to meet you

That was the only thing I could remember

Born again with a fresh white head

Your stains are gone, I can’t see them

Where are there? How can I find them?

Then I remember that you once told me

If we were to dance side by side

For all of eternity

Would that be so bad?

Would you want to erase that if it ends?

And as the silver glow of the great moon

Shielded us from the blinding sun

All of the stars started to collide

But this time-

It was mine that caught yours