What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever dressed up as for Halloween?

John Muldowney, 2nd Year Science

“A baby. I wore a pink onesie and carried a big lollipop around with me”

(Wearing t-shirt with brown cartoon character on it, just outside student centre)
Sadie Lowe, 1st Year Modern Languages

“Amy Winehouse. I put extensions in my hair, dyed it black and drew on loads of tattoos”

(Wearing blue t-shirt, sitting outside Arts)
Marelle Murphy, 1st Year English & Film

“I wore loads of different coloured clothing and went as a rainbow”

(Triangle patterned coat, red hair)
(From left to right) Sean Hughes-Clarke, Sarah Burke, Aidan Earley and Dearbhla Burke, 1st Year Physio

“All four of us went as Tetris pieces”

-Catherine Murnane