UCD’s cinema, which is currently under construction, is set to open its doors alongside the new Student Centre in April.

The cinema hopes to show both blockbuster and smaller, independent productions, “our aim is to be at the heart and soul of the Irish film industry as much as we can”, asserts Acting Arts Manager Jason Masterson.

He hopes that the cinema will be screening new Irish films, such as In Between The Canals, which stars two students from UCD’s Dramsoc. “We also want to support our own UCD students who graduated here and who are going to be in films and be involved in films and there is a huge amount of that that goes on.”

Negotiations are currently taking place with art house as well as mainstream distributors, “our aim would be to have an art house program running daily, and also having a delayed mainstream program running”.

The delayed mainstream program would involve showing major blockbuster movies four to six weeks after their official release in mainstream cinemas. Showing the films at the same time as their national release would involve having to compete with larger cinemas, resulting in higher prices, something that is out of the question according to Masterson, “we want to put in a student price that is right for our students”.

Student Centre manager Dominic O’Keeffe confirmed that prices would lie between €3.50 and €4, remarking “we’re buying out the rights of all DVDs so we can actually show it for free … if you go on delayed viewing the price goes down, so if we show a premiere you have to pay €12 for it but if you see it on delay its only €4”.

Masterson is pleased with the progress in the construction of the cinema, “we have chosen our projectors and gotten our sample seats in and its all going to look very nice. The whole shape is in place so now we are just waiting for it to be furnished and painted, and we are getting all the equipment in after Christmas”.

The management of the cinema falls under the Student Centre management structure, “as we all know there [are] student representatives and also societies – the Film Society obviously have an option to take two to three nights a week to use it for their students”.