Hidden Gem - Piz Gloria, Switzerland

Leap on a cable car and hurry to this swivelling restaurant in the mountains, where you can indulge your inner silky spy, writes Caitríona O’Malley What is it like peering out at sun-licked vistas draped in snow whilst chomping on chicken and baby roast potatoes? Make haste to a cable car, try not to dwell on the vicious rocks below and get thee to the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant on the delightful Schilthorn summit in Switzerland, the land where bells tinkle on the necks of the cows. It’s just like Heidi.If you’ve spent a hilarious morning witnessing your friends skidding on ice in the fashion of a drunken Bambi, a hot meal in this bizarre place is very welcoming indeed. Fear not, however; this eatery does not hurtle around, but rather pivots at a relaxed pace, so there is no risk of a somersaulting stomach. This allows you to gulp in the majestic peaks at the same time as guzzling on food and sipping a drink. It also means that the surroundings alternate pleasantly between drops of sunshine and cooling shade, and you don’t grow weary from gazing at the same patch of snow for an hour.The area where the revolving restaurant is situated was the location for one of the less well-known James Bond films, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in 1969, and they certainly capitalise on this, with the obligatory gift shop loaded with souvenirs nearby for when you have finished your grub. Before that, though, perhaps order a martini and polish some skis for a hasty getaway from a horde of ne’er-do-wells later on.Service is quite swift in the restaurant, so there will be no stomachs growling for too long. As mentioned already, this writer enjoyed a meal of chicken, potatoes and vegetables followed by what seems to be a favourite dessert in Switzerland: a bowl of custard, which comes as a tasty and refreshing splash of sweetness after a piping hot dinner with generous portions. Piz Gloria is in the Alps above Murren, and boasts a viewing walkway outside, just where the cable car stops. A marvellous and original place to grab a bite.