Peak of the Week, Vol. XXVII Issue 1

Everyone loves a wholesome little story. With everything that has been going on, these stories are more important than they ever have been. They help us to get through these weird times. With Peak of the Week, I am hoping we can provide some nice stories to help keep us all going.

In our inaugural Peak of the Week, I’d like to talk about the absolute hero that is Nick the Firedog. 

A couple of years ago, the fire department of the City of Newburgh, New York, responded to a call about a dog left by his owner by a fire hydrant. Upon finding the dog, the workers on-call took the Pit Bull back to the department, fed and showered him. They gave him the name Nick, and that is where he stays to this day. Between themselves and others in their Union, the fire department donated funds to make sure Nick received proper treatment, offering to pay for his food and sufficient Veterinary care. Having arrived at the department in dire straits, Nick is now a healthy, energetic good-boy in a loving home with the rest of the fire-fighters in Newburgh Fire Department. 

With this story breaking came notable local fame; there is a Facebook page for Nick with 5,000 followers. He is something of a local celebrity in Newburgh, and has even been named an Ambassador for the Department. Today, he plays a key role in helping the department spread word about fire safety, by going on the road with the rest of the firemen and helping to make the task of spreading awareness a lot more approachable. 

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