Over 10,000 students attend UCD Open Day

UCD welcomed just over 10,000 prospective students to UCD on Saturday as part of the University’s Open Day. According to Student Recruitment Manager Kathy Murphy, the event was a huge success.The day consisted of subject specific stands in the O’Reilly Hall, campus tours, residence tours and talks in the Newman, Health Science and Quinn Buildings explaining all the various courses on offer in UCD in detail as well as more general “choosing a course” talks.Ms. Murphy explained that up to fifty UCD Student Ambassadors, all current students, were involved, “they were manning some of the buildings, some of them were out and about welcoming people, others were giving tours”.The uptake on the tours of the campus was particularly large with between two and three tours being run every fifteen minutes, “probably because it was such a gorgeous day” commented Ms. Murphy.Certain tours brought future students and their parents on a tour of UCD residences, with an apartment in Merville being available for viewing. Additionally, tours were brought into the language centre where staff gave introductory talks about UCD’s Horizons Program and the Applied Language Centre.For the first time this year, the Ad Astra Academy was represented in the O’Reilly Hall. They had three stands for the academic, athletic and performing arts scholarships. The Registrar, Prof. Mark Rodgers, gave a talk explaining the initiative to the visiting students.Prospective Philosophy students were given the opportunity to meet their graduate counterparts in the Philosopher’s Café. Students studying Maters or PhD programs in Philosophy were available for students to talk to about the course and what to expect, “to give them a flavour of the type of thing they’d be studying, we hadn’t a clue at the beginning if it was going to be ten, fifty or one hundred people but it was very popular”.UCD will run another event for sixth year students on January 21st called ‘Applying to UCD’. The day will have talks that focus on filling out the CAO, applying for grants and fees as well as general talks from programme areas. “It won’t be as big an event in the sense that we won’t have one hundred degree program talks, but what we’ll do is we’ll have program level talks. There’ll be Science talks, there’ll be an Arts talk, there’ll be a Vet talk, “ explained Ms. Murphy.The day and all of the information available received a positive response from students and their families,  “I thought the stands had really stepped up to the mark, displays were really good, there was a huge amount of staff on for the day considering it was a Saturday and speakers were really great; we had a lot of parents in today with their kids and a lot of them came over to say they had a fantastic day.”